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Beta talk

Abner Harris

It's been a year or more but is back! free from the shackles of the dying giant that was yahoo.

The website started life as 'thebarkingdeer' in the storied days of yahoo geocities, migrated to yahoo small business and was there to the bitter end, when the usurper Aabaco achieved the impossible by offering a worse service than the fabled incompetents they replaced.

I've taken the opportunity to revamp the thing into something resembling an online shop. Yes that's right, I have sold out. Alongside familiar paintings you will find limited edition prints, t-shirts, stickers and even lamp shades. I've even added DIY paper folding model kits for the down at heel. A veritable feast for everybody's favourite sense (apologies to the legal blind). 

Well, I hope you enjoy your visit, feel free to click on the various like and share buttons provided, and sign up for my newsletter for that fresh word off the street.

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  • nuhudtujdq on

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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